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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just a quick note for those of us who spin, like yarn, or have any interest in fiber arts, I have posted a link to on online magazine called Spindle and Wheel. It is full of tutorials for spinning, dying, carding, and other cool related stuff. It's fun so I wanted to pass it on.

The one thing that is a problem is they gave a secret away I hoped no one would know about. The Brown Sheep Wool Company. I know, I know everyone who goes into a good yarn shop knows about Brown Sheep yarn. It was the beautiful rustic look of the Brown Sheep yarn that got me into spinning. You know the syndrome- Hey, I can do that!. I did that with Art Fairs seeing rather peculiar paintings -Well I can do That! and- I have. Then I saw beautiful yarn, but enought for a sweater starts getting to be -well- a very proud sweater indeed. So I said, I can do That! and- I have. This same yearn 'to do' luckily has not included things like - plumbing, landscaping, -auto mechanics, but hey, pick your poisons. Anyway, back to Brown Sheep Wool, -the secret. You can get inexpensive roving and/or yarn from the factory Mill Ends. You have to go there. I know I tried calling direct - got nowhere except a reference to someone who buys their leaving's in bulk then resells them. I knew about that because I bought 20lbs of fiber from them already. You saw correctly 20 lbs, 10 of white, 10 of brown. You guys know nothing about 'stash'.

OK, secrets out. Right now Western Nebraska has about 1.3 people per 100 Sq miles. Now there will be 10 per sq. yard. All standing in front of Brown Sheep Company. Oh Well.

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