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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I have the skein for Spin to Knit ready to send to my Secret Pal. I just have to get the 'how to' pictures out of my camera and posted.

The new snow and cold has taken all inspiration out of me. It takes my husband holding a cup a coffee under my nose and all four cats walking on my head in the mornings to get me up. If it wasn't for monetary desperation from my pathetic job, I'd chuck it in and be a happy 1950 haus frau.

Ah if only there were some way to take that nice warm fuzzy feeling of being tucked into nice warm bed and have it all day long. Ah!!!

I believe people get disenchanted with their jobs because what one does is so far from the basics of life. There is no direct contribution to shelter, food, and clothing in peoples lives. Not that I want to fix my own roof, raise chickens, and sew boxer shorts, but when I spin or knit or paint I feel so alive. I feel like I'm transforming some useless objects into something that has form, beauty and purpose. I certainly don't feel that from work. 35 years working in IT is quite enough. In that time I have done all aspects of IT and have seen over and over again how it re-invents itself every six months and usually not for the better. Even the things that have some direct impact on the business bottom line such as efficient processes, tangible procedures, standards, and controls are with great expense thrown into the dust bin and created from scratch. The baby and the bath down the drain. It's one of those days I wish I just stayed in bed.

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At 8:53 AM, Blogger Jen said...

That is the best description I've ever read about how work makes me feel. Thanks for writing it down. I self-flaggelate due to my feelings about work and call myself nasty names like "lazy" and "worthless" because of those feelings. You made me feel better.


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