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Monday, January 15, 2007

Whoa, still haven't recovered from the holidays. When someone says that it usually means two things, it was so fantastic that they just can't get their feet back on earth again, or it was so incredibly bad that they are still crawling on all fours. I'm afraid my case it is the latter.

Because of a death in the family, I did not have the time I usually take between Christmas and New Year's to decompress. As a matter of fact, time has been a real enemy for me lately. We did not have what I would call our normal holiday feasts but, I have some pictures of what normally happens. That is you eat a lot then sleep in front of a movie on the DVD.

This is Bitsy. Whenever 'Bird' is on the menu she invites herself to din din. Especially if the first course is fish. Doesn't matter what 'Bird' chicken, turkey, or duck she 'knows' and will demand her share.

This is Wooster. Wooster also gets his share then picks the softest warmest spot and claims it as his. In this case someone just got up from this spot on the couch and suddenly he was there enjoying the warm spot like he had been there for days.

I've been re-miss in posting, but I have some finished knitting projects and some in progress knitting to show. I just have to fiddle with the camera. Later-


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