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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas is in two weeks and I'm so behind in getting prepared. I have been spinning and knitting and housecleaning all in frantic spurts. Like every year I swear that next year I'll be more organized. I will be too, because next year for the holidays I will cut off all the pressures that cause stress. So no present making or buying, no family obligations, no extensive decorations, and no baking or out of the ordinary cooking. I'll just kick back and watch Christmas movies on TV. Right----.

More Spinning yeh!!! The one thing I do love.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Whew! First winter storm and it was a whopper! It started off in the worst way. There was one day of freezing rain and sleet. So that was one evening of trying to peer through a small opening in the windshield. The wipers became totally iced up and useless. The car manufacturers should add heating elements to the bottom of the windshield to keep the wipers from sticking. The elements work so well for the back window, why can't they put them in the front as well.

I have several pattern books from the turn of the century. Some of them are original and some of them are copies from Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions. I love to read about what they made and the techniques used in years past. These people did not have to worry about being cold whether inside or outside the home. They made all sorts of under vests and chest protectors, legging, arm under sleeves, knee and elbow protectors, gaitors, just about every sort of extra protection.

One of my favorite things, is a pair of slippers using two colors of wool together for extra warmth. One of the balls of wool is used to make a looped stitch that goes on the inside of the slipper to provide extra warm all the while it creates a fantastic pattern on the outside. I'm going to try to duplicate this pattern for a pair of slipper socks. I bought the leather bottoms at
Lion Brand Yarn (Soles-Slipper Socks Moccasins). I am exited to start that project. Naturally, it is on the 'to do' project list which falls after the 'finish-up' project list. We seem to have much less time than our ancestors did, that's for sure.